2017 Customer Testimonies for Pucking Hockey

2017 Customer Testimonies for Pucking Hockey

It’s 2017 and Pucking Hockey have been rolling in more reviews. There was actually a funny comment recently submitted “bunch of d*cks“.

I can agree on this, they are a “bunch of d*cks” physically, unless your name is Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner…..nope, lame joke…

2017 Pucking Hockey Reviews

Well I started with a small bankroll of only 935 (250 free play that you won for me 😉 ) and now I am up to 1530 !!! That is impressive work from your site and if I get it right wen up to 2000 bk then 175 and 150 bets right? The only thing is what should I do when 5000 or 1100 play comes? I saw sometimes this comes up.

Really great Sportsbetting Investment programm !


I approached Pucking Hockey in June seeking a reliable sports service. I joined during baseball season. The result was, great. But was still skeptical, from my experience most services do well one month then dig themselves into a hole the following month, and never hear from them again. That did not happen with Pucking Hockey. They set me up with a decent money management plan and have been showing consistent profits since I joined in August 2016.

I am still a customer, the NFL picks were just as good but the NHL picks are the best. Since June 2016 my experience has been fantastic. And I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, honest and profitable sports betting service!


I’ve been following a number of handicapper sites and have tried quite a few. Most are just guys guessing or giving who they think will win. There are no systems or algorithms, etc. Some give you a bunch of picks a day. NOBODY can win like that. But Pucking Hockey gives you 1 maybe 2 picks and they win MOST of the time. A lot of times he’ll tell you he has no picks that day. I can trust and respect that. He gives you winners and they win.


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The Past of Pucking Hockey – Review

The Past of Pucking Hockey - Review

The Past of Pucking Hockey – Review

I am not a subscriber of Pucking Hockey, and this is not a review of the business. But, I do know the handicapper from our high school days on the ice. We both started playing ice hockey at the age of 7-8, and we played up until we graduated high school.

I cannot speak for the NHL picks but if Pucking Hockey handicaps hockey like he used to play the game. I guarantee he makes a decent living in the sports betting business. He knows everything there is to know about hockey. He was the team’s “secret” captain. He never wanted to wear the C, he never liked the spotlight. But he knew how to act like a leader in the locker room and on the ice.

He was not your natural goal scorer, not that he couldn’t score. When he got his chances, he always buried the puck. He was more known for “behind the scenes” kind of player. He did the work that allowed his line mates to light the lamp. He racked up assists every season but more importantly, loved to forecheck.

He would hold off some big boys while grinding it out in the corners. And considering he is not a big guy, it was impressive. Whatever was bothering him in his personal life, he took all of his anger out on the ice. And it paid off.

Like I mentioned. If Pucking Hockey’s NHL picks are anything like how he used to play the game. I am 100% confident he is very profitable in the sports betting business.

Pucking Hockey Is Legitimate and Documented

I received two more reviews for Pucking Hockey and once again, they are both positive. Am I surprised, no pucking way!

Pucking Hockey Is Legitimate and Documented
Pucking Hockey Is Legitimate and Documented

First allow me to make this clear. According to Pucking Hockey, they are not 100% sure they are adding baseball this season. I do believe however they are hiring a team of MLB baseball experts for their clients. And if they do that, much like you guys, I will trust them completely. Pucking Hockey takes care of us and we all already know he wouldn’t hire a bunch of scamdicappers.

Thanks for the review “JM” – Pucking Hockey has been great all season for 2014-2015. Took a dip in December but he bounced right back and is above that $20,000 profit mark, something Pucking Hockey has done each and every season since entering the internet. By the way, he didn’t charge me the next month due to his policy. No profits during the 31 days, the next month is free. I received January for free, and if there are anymore clients out there that can attest to this, please email me: puckinghockeyreviews@gmail.com – how about that for honesty!?

Pucking Hockey Free NHL Picks
Pucking Hockey Free NHL Picks

You’re right Frank, Pucking Hockey DOES NOT give out NHL hockey picks randomly, much like other sports handicapping services do. I mean, what’s the point? Pucking Hockey loves his work and loves his clients, why ruin a great thing George has started?

Please email me with any good or bad reviews about Pucking Hockey, all reviews are posted: puckinghockeyreviews@gmail.com

Pucking Hockey Reviews

Pucking Hockey Reviews

This blog is strictly for Pucking Hockey Reviews and is intended to share your experience with Pucking Hockey. If you’re a past or current client be sure to email me your experience and we will share it with the world! (puckinghockeyreviews@gmail.com)

With that being said, I am a current client of Pucking Hockey. I have been a client since 2011 when he emailed me with his first sales pitch. Since then, I have been hooked. But it wasn’t all peaches and ice cream. Like any other sports handicapping service there are some rough patches but overall Pucking Hockey has made me money each month and each season. And to me, that’s all that matters.

I remember when I received Pucking Hockey’s first sales pitch, it was something I have never heard from any other sports handicapper. It was to the point and it had the most sincere text flow I have ever heard from a sports handicapper. And Pucking Hockey turned out to be that sincere and most honest hockey handicapper I have ever encountered. I do use other Sports Handicapping Services like Doc Sports but they don’t compare to Pucking Hockey.

I have stumbled across some negative content involving Pucking Hockey but there are only 3 posts on the thread entitled “Pucking Hockey are scammers“. There’s only 3 posts (including the initial poster) because from my experience, there shouldn’t be any disatisfied clients. But like every other business, there’s always going to be negative feedback. Overall however Pucking Hockey has been consistent and honest. And they respond back to my emails almost immediately showing Pucking Hockey truly cares about their work.

Now I have also stumbled upon a website called CapperTek and found numerous great reviews from clients about Pucking Hockey. Here are a few examples:

“One of the best consistent hockey handicappers I have dealt with. 1-2 picks a day, nothing outrageous, pure constant weekly wins. Worth every penny. Been making money every week since I signed up. Must sign up to believe the money making wins”
-Submitted by “Luis”

“I have been using puckinghockey.com for a couple months now and I honestly have to say that I am extremely happy with the service. I find them to be very honest, very straightforward and very detailed in their analysis of the games they choose. They do not just give picks randomly just to give a pick and I like the fact they make their picks sparingly and only when they feel very confident in the results. Their record has been very impressive and they have been very timely with their picks as well. I am looking forward to a long and profitable relationship. Thanks to puckinghockey.com !!!!!!”
Submitted by “Frank Pingtella”

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