Pucking Hockey Non Scam Review

I received an email the other day with a testimony from a Pucking Hockey client. Just another good Pucking Hockey Review and I would like to share it. It’s nothing long but it’s still a good review, proving Pucking Hockey is the real deal when it comes to NHL Hockey picks, but we already knew that.

Pucking Hockey Non Scam Report
Pucking Hockey Non Scam Report

This was sent to Pucking Hockey not only forwarded to me from Pucking Hockey, but I also contacted Chris (last name will be disclosed) and he confirmed that he sent this email. Pucking Hockey’s price is a bit high but he is worth every penny, even if you’re just a $100 bettor, but I also understand not everyone can afford his price. And there is nothing wrong with that, but look at his last statement. “But you are a great hockey picking service, probable the best I (have) seen out there that strictly does hockey“.

Not many people know this, basically non clients of Pucking Hockey like Chris, but Pucking Hockey also does handicaps NFL and NCAAF Football for Esquire Picks. He used to own that website but recently sold it to a long time client of his. They have kept him as the football handicapper, and since 2011 (same time he started Pucking Hockey) he has been money. Check out his football records here and see for yourself.

Look, the bottom line is this. Pucking Hockey is by far the most disciplined and consistent NHL Hockey and NFL, NCAAF Football handicapper there is. Sure there are others that are OK at handicapping these sports but from my experience, and obviosuly’s Chirs’, Pucking Hockey is legit.

If you are a past or current customer of Pucking Hockey PLEASE email me with your experience. Good or bad! (puckinghockeyreviews@gmail.com)