2017 Customer Testimonies for Pucking Hockey

2017 Customer Testimonies for Pucking Hockey

It’s 2017 and Pucking Hockey have been rolling in more reviews. There was actually a funny comment recently submitted “bunch of d*cks“.

I can agree on this, they are a “bunch of d*cks” physically, unless your name is Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner…..nope, lame joke…

2017 Pucking Hockey Reviews

Well I started with a small bankroll of only 935 (250 free play that you won for me 😉 ) and now I am up to 1530 !!! That is impressive work from your site and if I get it right wen up to 2000 bk then 175 and 150 bets right? The only thing is what should I do when 5000 or 1100 play comes? I saw sometimes this comes up.

Really great Sportsbetting Investment programm !


I approached Pucking Hockey in June seeking a reliable sports service. I joined during baseball season. The result was, great. But was still skeptical, from my experience most services do well one month then dig themselves into a hole the following month, and never hear from them again. That did not happen with Pucking Hockey. They set me up with a decent money management plan and have been showing consistent profits since I joined in August 2016.

I am still a customer, the NFL picks were just as good but the NHL picks are the best. Since June 2016 my experience has been fantastic. And I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, honest and profitable sports betting service!


I’ve been following a number of handicapper sites and have tried quite a few. Most are just guys guessing or giving who they think will win. There are no systems or algorithms, etc. Some give you a bunch of picks a day. NOBODY can win like that. But Pucking Hockey gives you 1 maybe 2 picks and they win MOST of the time. A lot of times he’ll tell you he has no picks that day. I can trust and respect that. He gives you winners and they win.


For more reviews, refer here.


One thought on “2017 Customer Testimonies for Pucking Hockey

  1. Pucking Hockey

    The 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs have arrived and tonight we kick off the postseason with a TOP NHL PICK OF THE MONTH!

    Enjoy this BIG WINNER and get ready for more predictions tomorrow! Make sure YOU bet this pick, do not let it slip away!

    Montreal Canadiens -155 (risking $5,000 to profit $3,225)

    For more NHL playoff picks, refer here.

    PS – Here at Pucking Hockey we are 6-4-1 +$995 so far this baseball season. 3-1 in TOP MLB PICKS OF THE DAY

    Thank you,
    Pucking Hockey


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