2017 Customer Testimonies for Pucking Hockey

2017 Customer Testimonies for Pucking Hockey

It’s 2017 and Pucking Hockey have been rolling in more reviews. There was actually a funny comment recently submitted “bunch of d*cks“.

I can agree on this, they are a “bunch of d*cks” physically, unless your name is Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner…..nope, lame joke…

2017 Pucking Hockey Reviews

Well I started with a small bankroll of only 935 (250 free play that you won for me 😉 ) and now I am up to 1530 !!! That is impressive work from your site and if I get it right wen up to 2000 bk then 175 and 150 bets right? The only thing is what should I do when 5000 or 1100 play comes? I saw sometimes this comes up.

Really great Sportsbetting Investment programm !


I approached Pucking Hockey in June seeking a reliable sports service. I joined during baseball season. The result was, great. But was still skeptical, from my experience most services do well one month then dig themselves into a hole the following month, and never hear from them again. That did not happen with Pucking Hockey. They set me up with a decent money management plan and have been showing consistent profits since I joined in August 2016.

I am still a customer, the NFL picks were just as good but the NHL picks are the best. Since June 2016 my experience has been fantastic. And I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, honest and profitable sports betting service!


I’ve been following a number of handicapper sites and have tried quite a few. Most are just guys guessing or giving who they think will win. There are no systems or algorithms, etc. Some give you a bunch of picks a day. NOBODY can win like that. But Pucking Hockey gives you 1 maybe 2 picks and they win MOST of the time. A lot of times he’ll tell you he has no picks that day. I can trust and respect that. He gives you winners and they win.


For more reviews, refer here.


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