Is Pucking Hockey a Scam?

There’s been mixed reports out there about Pucking Hockey, more good than bad, but I started this blog to clear up the air about Pucking Hockey and that they are in fact not a scam. They are seriously the best hockey handicapper I have ever come across. And I know I sound like a broken record but I can’t stress enough on how great Pucking Hockey is.

Not only are the winning NHL picks solid, the patience George has is remarkable, especially in the gambling – sorry – I mean, investing industry. Most services itch everyday to bet – there I go again – Invest and before they know it, they are 18 picks deep in the hole, and broke. Not only that, they cause their clients to go bankrupt too. If Pucking Hockey ever has a bad month he honors his guarantee, trust me, I would know.

Since I have been with George, he has only given me 2 bad months since 2011. That’s it! Believe it or not, it’s true. If you have the time and patience, go through all of his tweets and compare them to his records. It will take a week or more considering they date back to 2011, but I dare you to attempt it. I am telling you now however, it will be a waste of your time. Now, that is a guarantee!

I created this video of all the testimonies Pucking Hockey has gathered over the years. I hope you enjoy the positive reviews and if you want to read more check them out here, a third-party sports monitor.


One thought on “Is Pucking Hockey a Scam?

  1. These guys are good NHL cappers, and not a scam

    They promised me that, if I sent them $150, they would turn a $500 bankroll into $1,000 with their nhl picks. They did deliver with their strict money management techniques.


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