Free NHL Picks – Pucking Hockey

Free NHL Picks from Pucking Hockey

Many services offer free NHL picks and before you know it, you’re receiving sales pitches and not the free NHL picks you singed up for! Bummer, I know, I’ve been down that road and it was a hard lesson to learn. I constantly received spam from these scamdicappers, even from services I never signed up with! See, what they do is they sell their email lists to other services to make extra money because they can’t handle picking winners.

What is a scamdicapper?

Besides what I have mentioned above, these scamdicappers also do this. They purchase a 5,000 email list consisting of all gamblers. Half of the list receives one pick on a game, and the other half receives the opposite pick, that the other half of the email list received. By doing this the scamdicapper is setting himself up with a guaranteed win, and guaranteed money the next day. Then the process repeats until the list is dried out, and the scamdicapper purchases another 5,000 email list consisting of all gamblers, it’s a rinse and repeat process.

Much like you probably have, I went and had to make a new email, starting all over again.

Who is Pucking Hockey?

With my new email I was determined to find another sports handicapping service who I could trust, this is when I came across Pucking Hockey. They have nothing but great reviews and they are documented, which is a huge factor when hiring the right sports handicapping service. So I signed up for Pucking Hockey’s free NHL picks, and the free picks started rolling in. Pucking Hockey did so well, I decided to purchase a month pass, and go from there.

This was in 2011 and I am still a client to this day. And guess what? I NEVER received another spam email from any other sports service. Think about it, when a sports handicapping service is monitored and provides winning NHL picks, why would that service sell their email list? Why put their clients in danger of scamdicappers?

This is why I started this blog, Pucking Hockey is the real deal, and there are endless amounts of great reviews on Pucking Hockey. I am just another in the mix and I hope this helps you if you’re deciding on hiring Pucking Hockey. I know this blog sounds a bit biased, but I am only sharing my experience.

Fell free to email me with any questions or concerns:


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